Nebraska Wesleyan Research Symposium 2018
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Wednesday, April 25






Brendan Flynn SC 322Monoculture and neonicotinoid direct and indirect effect on colony collapse disorder in Western Honey Bee Zach Krenk SC 225 Atira Meyer SC 320Strong Connections, Strong Communities: A Semester-Long Case Study of the Bay Adam R. Granville SC 221The Effect of Elastic Band Resistance Exercises on Muscle Endurance Sydni Harris SC 220Frozen shoulder Hannah Awtry SC 222 Casey Callahan Lucas 206 Ellen Richert SC 122Political Salience of Rap Nicole Vana Callen Conference RoomDepression and Social Media Use Abby Feden SC 235Humonster: An Analysis of Grotesque Humanity Within Contemporary Literature Ali Gress and Katelyn Willis Great HallThe diversity of the microbial population in the belly button compared to that of outside sources Benjamin Gephart and Tyson J. Price Great HallIsolating a Bacteriophage from Microbacterium Paraoxydans NWU 1 Dan Novinski Great HallTranscriptomic Assembly and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Common Cornsnake, Pantherophis guttatus Jenny Pham and Devine Gines Great HallThe comparison of microbial communities within different habitats Kacie Hahn and Brittany Kellner's presentation. Great HallThe Discovery of the Bacteriophages Athenon and TazManian Lily Berg and Helen Walenta Great HallFinding Phages Inside and Out Luke Livingston and William Phillips Great HallThe Discovery of MainMills & OldClara Nakia Braaten and Tess Tramp Great HallDiversity among microbial communities on the human body Olivia Bice, Marci Franzluebbers and Jennifer Novotny Great HallIsolation and Identification of Bacteriophages Rubi Vega and Chase Keller Great HallCorrelation between family members and country of origin microbiomes Rylee Bahe and Reese Hennerberg  Great HallDiscovery of Bacteriophages Old and New Sarah Bals and Christopher Clopton Great HallThe Discovery and Isolation of Plainsman and Booneyardium Vivian Meskin, Alex Harrison, and Ricky Riley Great HallThe comparison of belly button biomes and ear biomes Chase Crispin Great HallAn Exploration of Music Teaching Methods Used in Schools for the Blind and Their Applications for Public School Music Te Courtney Cole Theatre Green RoomMama







Rachel Karr SC 322Why are over 50% of Trichamonas vaginalis infections asymptomatic? Creighton Schoening SC 225 Jenna Schroeder SC 320College Students Seeking Christ and Community: A Case Study of the College Ministry at Citylight Lincoln Church Eli H. Bricker SC 221The relationship between strength, sprint performance, and body fat percentage in Division III football players Jamie Knight  SC 220Gamekeeper’s Thumb Kitt Watley SC 222 Kurstin Dean Lucas 206 Robert Micheels SC 122Assassinations and Democratization Ryland Brattmiller Callen Conference RoomIntermediate Bilingualism and the Bilingual Advantage Ty Garner SC 242Earthship Biotecture Academy in Taos, New Mexico and the Implementation of Earthship Techniques within Lincoln, NE Quinn Hullett SC 235Reading Beyond the Stigma: Using Literature to Combat Negative Perceptions of Mental Illness Amber Cooper and Jay Stander Great HallStaphylococcus epidermidis Antibiotic Cross-Resistance Generation with FARM Technique Cailtin Broekemeier and Makenzie Saltzman Great HallAnalyzing the Alleb Genome Chris Gaston Great HallComparing MIC and Disc Diffusion Methods to Assess Antibiotic Resistance Claire Landgren and Leah Treffer Great HallIsolation and Annotation of Bacteriophage Alleb Dalton Bundy and Jenna DeJonge Great Hall Ellie Beiermann and Taylor Brtek Great HallDiscovery of bacteriophage: Ezra Jack Easley, Dylan Beechley, and Connor Sulllivan Great HallExploring bacteriophages Juan Rejino and Grady Kershner Great HallIsolating bacteriophage from our environment MacKenzie Batt and Annie Platt Great HallAnalysis of Bacteriophage Alleb Madison Stockman and Baraa Al-Bayati Great HallThe isolation and purification of bacteriophages Stephen Sobota and Nathan Zimmerman Great HallDiscovery of bacteriophage by isolation and purification  Allie Wilson and Jenna Whitmore Great HallGene Annotation Analysis of Microbacteriophage Alleb. Madison Stock Great HallBiochemical counter-regulation of B cell function by IL-10 and IFN-γ Morgan Zabel Great HallInvestigation the Effects of Social Structure Changes on Reproductive and Stress Hormones of Zoo-managed African Elephan James Booker III Theatre Green RoomThe Beauty in the Cold






















Jamie A. Knight SC 221The functional relationship between the Grooved Pegboard Test and keyboard typing skills Carter Lyons SC 242Classification of Algebraically Defined Graphs by Girth Torey Kogel  SC 220Argentina’s growing linguistic influence on Uruguay’s younger generation, especially “voseo” Abigail Feden Callen Conference RoomBitchcraft: An Analysis of the Contemporary Commodification of Witchcraft through ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Andrea Holt SC 235Divisive Language in Politics Amanda Tran Great HallThe Effect of a Nausea & Vomiting Protocol on Length of Stay in an Observation Unit Amy Harral Great HallA Retrospective Comparison Study of Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty to Lateral Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty Amy Hunt Great HallQuality improvement: A Nursing initiative to Reduce Surgical Site Infections in Lower Limb Joint Arthroplasty” Andrew Buettner Great HallEffectiveness of the Heart Failure Bundle Protocol Melanie Hecker and Joseph Pluth Great HallExploring Nursing Turnover and Retention Rachelle R. Davis and Shannon George Great HallNurses’ Perception of the Post-Fall Process in their Workplace Sara Cooper Great HallWorkplace Violence against Registered Nurses Employed in the Emergency Department Bailey Waite Great HallComparing Experimental Values of Lift on a Frisbee Disc Caleb Craven Great HallTemperature Dependence of Concrete Donn Marcussen Great HallCalculating Magnetic Susceptibility using a TeachSpin Gouy Balance Drew Marolf Great HallInductive Power Transfer Joel Maxwell Great HallMeasuring the Coefficient of Drag in a Wind Tunnel Matheus Bustamante Great HallUsing an Arduino to Automate an Acoustic Interferometer Sawyer Kean Great HallThe Effects of Spoiler Design on Downforce in Automobiles Seth Lindgren Great HallMeasuring Coefficient of Lift in a Wind Tunnel Andrew Wright Miller Lab TheatreA Celtic Tale Seth Kobs Theatre Green RoomAdam and Steve







Taylor Grandstaff, Lisa-Chanel Lee, Grace Brunick-Clark, Anna Hahn Callen Conference RoomDrama based on myth of Persephone, Hades, and Demeter Kira A. VanCleve SC 221The Influence of Transverse Abdominal Strength on Overall Strength Ellen Richert SC 235PulpModernism: Exploring Postmodernity in Pulp Fiction. Alli Bos Great HallQuantitative C-13 NMR An Ho Great HallFormazan Dyes Ciarra Benes Great HallChemical Analysis of Salicylic Acid Content in Foods using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Emma Laible Great HallVinyl Ferrocene Synthesis Felicia Phares Great HallActivation of Glutamate Dehydrogenase Enzyme Activity Gunnar Garner Great HallLogP Measurements of Water-Soluble Vitamins using 1H-NMR Spectroscopy Mary A. Andrew Great HallComparison of the Incidences of Hip Imbalances between High Jumpers and Horizontal Jumpers Rachel Kendall Great HallRotator Cuff Tears in Overhead Athletes Spencer Scheer Great HallTommy John Surgery Tessa Tramp Great HallDamage to the Peripheral Nerve of the Upper Extremities Cathy Smith and Laticia Bergmeier Great HallNurse Confidence and Knowledge about Vascular Access Devices Diana Nyaboga and Cheryl Sieck Great HallNurse Work Satisfaction and Patient Experience Kristin Kloppenburg Great HallImpact of Patient Compliance and Family Support on Patient Re-hospitalization Luann Mozer Great HallNurse Burnout: A comparison of work settings Rebecca Jibza Great HallThe Use of a Multidisciplinary Team at the Bedside and its Effects on Patient Outcomes and Nurse Satisfaction Shaylin Likens Great HallStudent Nurse Fatigue Maitland Thompson and Holly Donahue Miller Lab TheatreRight in the Middle Trevor Harr Theatre Green RoomBeyond Life





Alex Souliere SC 235Narratology and Video Games Morgan Ellison Great HallAnalysis of Edible Oils by 1H-NMR Spectroscopy Quentin Timblin Great HallMonitoring Fermentation using 1H-NMR Spectroscopy Riley Shenk Great HallClassification of Edible Oils by FT-IR Spectroscopy Stephanie Alvarado Great HallQuantifying Capsaicin in Pepper Spray Thien-Thanh Bui and Sydney Skupa Great HallManganese-copper-catalyzed 1,4-addition of cyclohex-2-enone to generate 3-methylhexanone Sue Wortmann; John Spilker; Cecelia Hastreiter; Samuel Aldridge; Sarah Dyer; Kaitlin Beck; Alison Uecker; Abigail Strutzenberg; Michael Cheung Callen Conference RoomHavana Nights Study Abroad Reflections: Cuban Youth Culture Brenden Heckenlively, Janae Pearson, Madeline O'Kane, Tannah Schopp Great HallFalls Preventing in Older Adults Christelle Ngabyna, Lyanne Tamen, Anne Mbenga Great HallCultural Competence Among Nurses Emily Lau, Kimberlie Gaffney, Payden Anderson Great HallFinding the Balance of Nurse to Patient Ratios Jessica Beach, Anna Daly, Sheridan Spohr, Jasmine Weber Great HallYoga in Addition to Standard Care Katie Latuska, Sally Jacobsen, Haley Friesen, Rachel Parks Great HallMusic Therapy for Dementia Sydnie Schmidt, Alyssa Goldfish, Katie Noble, Amber Elrod Great HallTherapy Dogs Cassity Youssef Great HallSex Differences in Physiological and Self-Reported Fear Chelsea Renz Great HallCross cultural comparison of how grammatical gender affects ambivalent sexist attitudes Flor Garcia Great HallExploring the Relationship between Diversity Classes and Attitudes Toward Race Jill Brichacek Great HallThe Relation Between Interparental Conflict, Parentification, and Emotional Autonomy William Garvey Great HallListen to This! Effects of Music Preference on Positive and Negative Mood Luke Gregerson Great Hall"Putting Nature on a Page": Using Nature to Experiment with Poetic Form Hope McCartney Theatre Green RoomThe Forbidden Diamond Kevin Snyder Miller Lab TheatreDeposit